Making adjustments.

This past weekend my college team traveled ~7 hours to Pittsburg, Kansas to compete in a track meet (Indoors). They raced hard, put in some good mileage, considering it was a race weekend, and then we traveled by ~7 hours to Dallas (the next day). On the schedule for Monday was a progression run. We … More Making adjustments.

Learning From the Greats — Greg McMillan

Stress + Rest = Progress. Obey this equation and your fitness will build steadily and predictably. Over stress/train and/or under rest/recover and you’ll risk injury and burn out.¬† — Greg McMillan¬† I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO FOLLOW GREG MCMILLAN ON TWITTER IF YOU DON’T ALREADY. He’s got small, smart, and extremely important nuggets, just like … More Learning From the Greats — Greg McMillan

Houston Rundown

Houston was a very good weekend for our group. We had some personal bests, some great finishes, and learned a lot. Here is a brief rundown of what went down in Houston. MARATHON: Kelsey Bruce — 6th place (top American) — 2:31:53 (PERSONAL BEST) Esperanza Lopez — 2:57:51 (PERSONAL BEST) Magaly Soto — 3:07:10 (2nd … More Houston Rundown

Prepping for the HS Track Season — Senior Schedule

***All of these schedules, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior will be very similar, but they will be different!!! DECEMBER — Easy base prep. This phase will begin once they’ve had 2-3 weeks off from the Cross Country season…in that time off I would encourage at a minimum a full week of total rest from running. … More Prepping for the HS Track Season — Senior Schedule

Learning From the Greats — John McDonnell

John McDonnell happens to carry the title of ‘The Most Successful Coach in NCAA History” and that’s because he won 40 NCAA Championships in his illustrious career, including 11 straight NCAA Indoor TEAM Championships. Can you imagine winning the NCAA Championships for 11 years straight…you want to talk about dynasty? That’s dominance. If you have … More Learning From the Greats — John McDonnell